Amul Organic Fertilizer Gold

 Amul Organic Fertilizer Gold 1 kg

We offers Amul Organic Fertilizer Gold for  Garden, Lawn, Flowers, Vegetables & Herbs Use. 

Amul Organic Fertilizer Gold

Apply Amul Organic Fertilizer 500 to 600 kg for farm use and 1 to 2 kg for horticulture.

Mix Amul Organic Fertilizer thoroughly before using.

Composition (As Per FCO)

Moisture (Max.)


Total Nitrogen (Min.)


P₂O₅ (Phosphate) (Min.)


Organic Carbon (Min.)


Potash (as K₂0)


C:N Ration



6.5 to 7.5

Method of storage : Keep this bag in a dry and cool place. Keep it away from heat and direct sunlight.

Warning : Exposure to organic fertilizers can cause skin irritation and eye damage. Stomach damage may occur due to swallowing. If you feel any discomfort during use, consult a doctor.

Packing : 1 kg

Price : 60/- Inc tax.

Toprose rose plant food

Toprose The Rose Plant food that Tops all

Toprose The Rose Plant Food that Tops all
Roses are heavy feeders. They require continuous nourishment if they are to maintain peak performance. Regular use of Toprose ensures more and beautiful roses for a healthier, stronger plant. 

Application In Pots : 

Apply one tablespoon every week. around the plant and away from the main stem as shown in the diagram below.

For plants in ground, double the dosage, water immediately after applying Toprose.

Note : Reduce the dose in May & October when the temperature are high. For newly planted roses, do not apply for the first one month. This Manure is for Home & Gardening Use.

Contains :

  • Amino Acid Blend 25%
  • Humic Acid 25%
  • Farm Yard Manure 25%
  • Neem Cake 5%
  • Oil Mixtures 10%
  • Fillers 10%

Packing : 500gm

Price : 110/-

Arty Rectangular Plastic Pot

Arty Rectangular Plastic Pot

We offers Arty Rectangular Plastic Pot for Indoor & Outdoor Garden Plants, Available with Hook Option & Table Top, Narrow Window Sills Plantation Use Available in Five Different Colour Mocca White, Mocca Green, Mocca blue, Mocca Yellow, Mocca Orange. Suitable for Home, Office, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Resort Garden Use. This Arty planter can also be used for Pot Cover of Small size Nursery Pots. Add Colours to your Garden with Arty Double Colour Planter.

Size & Price :

Size : 28 cm Length, 14 cm Width, 14 cm Height.

Price : 

  • Arty Pot Only : 180/-
  • Pot With Hanging Hook : 210/- 

Arty Rectangular Pot with Hook 

Sea Secret Organic Seaweed Extract

 IFFCO Urban Gardens Sea Secret Organic Seaweed Extract

Sea Secret is an organic seaweed extract based bio stimulant for your home garden. Application of this unique bio formulation leads to 'Healthy Plants'. it naturally provides essential plant nutrients, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, organic acids, polysacchardes, plant hormones (auxins, cytokinins and gibberelins); betaine, mannitol etc, Sea secret stimulates plant metabolism, increases root-shoot vigour, resulting in lush foliage growth and enhanced flowering and fruiting.

Benefits :

  • Enhanced root-shoot growth, leaf vigour, flowering, fruiting and quality of harvest.
  • Stress Tolerance from heat, cold, wind and drought conditions.
  • Creates friendly atmoshphere for soil, flora and fauna, microbes, earthworms.
  • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Plants, flowers, Kitchen Garden, Trees, Lawns etc.

Directions for Use :
  • Dilute 2.5 ml in 1 Litre of Water and mix well
  • Spray on Plant Canopy/ Apply Directly in Soil.
  • For best result repeat every 2-3 weeks.

Keep in Cool & Dry Place, and out of reach of children.

Composition :
Concentration Gurantee of 28% Seaweed extract of Red & Brown Algae, Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid.

Packing & Price : 

  • 50 ml : 80/-
  • 200 ml : 255/-


Desi Cow Gaumutra for Gardening & Agriculture Use

We offers Desi Cow Gaumutra for Home Gardening, Terrace gardening, Kitchen Gardening, Agriculture, Horticulture Plants Use, Gomutra can be used as a fertilizer & insecticide in Organic farming and gardening practices from decades, There are lots of beneficial bacteria presence in Cow Urine, it can also be used for making Jeevamrut, Panchgavya, Amrit Jal & Composting Use. 


Packing & Price : 

  • 1 Liter : 30/-

Rooting Hormone Powder

Rootvin Bio Plant Rooting Hormones Powder Number 1, 2, 3, 4 for Rooting of Different types of Wood Cutting Use for Home Gardening, Nursery, Plant Propogation Use Supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Rootvin is a Complete rooting hormone paste. it stimulates rapid and prolific rooting of all types of plant cutting it gives luxuriant growth and healthy nourishment, sturdy stems and healthy root systems. Controls growth of fungus.

Rootvin is a highly active root growth promoting hormone in a carefully chosen carrier. A very small amount of hormone is required to stimulate the growth of roots. it is readily absorbed by the tip of the cutting which is there by stimulates the growth of the roots.

Rootvin powder is supplied in four strengths, ready for use. The correct strength of powder should be selected for each type of cutting. Over Stimulation may injure the cuttings : Under Stimulation may not give beneficial results.

ROOTVIN +1 : For Soft Wood Cutting
ROOTVIN +2 : For Semi Hard Wood Cutting
ROOTVIN +3 : For Hard Wood Cutting
ROOTVIN +4 : For All Type of Wood Cutting & Foliar Spray.

Cutting should preferably be 10 cm. to 15 cm. long Remove the lower leaves. Lateral shoots from the current year's growth are the most suitable and are best taken at a node or joint with a "heel".

Direction for Use :

  1. Dip the base of the trimmed cutting in 1cm. of water. Some cuttings hold enough paste without being moistened for example Geranium cuttings are best dipped dry.
  2. Shake to remove excess water.
  3. Stir the base of the cutting in the Rootvin powder. (Keep the container closed when not in use).
  4. Tap against the rim of the container to remove the surplus paste leaving a thin layer of Rootvin powder on 1cm. to 2 cm. from the base of the cutting.
  5. Plant it in the usual rooting medium.

Rootvin Use for Layering/ Gootee, Veg-Seedling

Direction for Use: Use Rootvin for vegetable seedlings for vigorous growth. Dissolve 10gm. of Rootvin in 3ltr of Water and dip the seedlings and transplant in in the soil.

For air layering / gootee : Use Rootvin by applying a thin layer of powder on the wood after the bark has been removed from the desired area for rooting. The moss should be wrapped well by polythene strips for best results.

1. Rootvin Bio Plant Rooting Hormones Powder +1 for Soft Wood Cuttings.

  • Packing : 50g
  • Price : 100/- 

Rootvin Rooting Hormones Powder +1

2. Rootvin Bio Plant Rooting Hormones Powder +2 for Medium Wood Cutting

  • Packing: 50g
  • Price: 100/-

Rootvin Rooting Hormones Powder +2

3. Rootvin Bio Plant Rooting Hormone Powder +3 for Hard Wood Cutting.

  • Packing: 50g
  • Price: 100/-

Rootving Rooting Hormone Powder +3

4. Rootvin Bio Plant Rooting Hormone Powder +4 for All types of Wood cutting.

  • Packing: 50g
  • Price: 100/-

Rootvin Rooting Hormone Powder +4