Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden Pots, Planter, Stands

We offers Vertical Garden Pots, Planter, Stands to Make Successful Vertical garden of your dream. Wall Hanging Pots Self watering Type, Vertical Garden Pot Panel Sets, Pot Hanging Mounting Stands to save space and make garden in small spaces like balcony, terrace or at Indoor on walls. keep your home green. you can grow indoor plants as well as vegetables like coriander, Spinach, Methi (fenugreek) in this vertical garden pots. We also offers the Vertical garden Potting Soil Growing medium like Cocopeat, Perlite, Vermiculite, Vermicompost to do Successful Vertical Gardening. 

wall hanging pots ahmedabad
Wall Hanging Self Watering Pots Size: 12"
Vertical garden ahmedabad
Wall Hanging Self Watering Pots Size: 12"

vertical garden wall hanging pots
Wall Hanging / Mounting Self Watering Pots for Vertical Garden Size: 12"

vertical garden pots India
Black Vertical Garden Pots

Railing Pot Stand / Wall Mounting Pot Stand

Self Watering Wall Hanging Pot Stand

Hanging basket stand India
Wall Mounting Hanging Basket Stand

vertical garden consultant
Vertical Garden Setup & Maintenance Service.
Price: 800/- Per Sqft. Min. 25 Sqft Work Required. + 1500 Extra for Transport Charges.