Falcon 2X Gear Loaping Shear

Falcon Premium 2X GEAR Loaping Shear

Falcon 2x gear loaperWe offers Falcon Premium 2x Gear By pass Loaper  (with carbon steel blades) Light weight & less effort Professional loaper for cutting thick and hard branches.

Key Features:
  • Cutting Capacity 30 mm
  • Auto Gear Action
  • Light Weight Handle
  • Extra Wide Opening
  • Long Handle 2X Gears: Using long handle 2X Gear makes it possible to prune stems that are high up or that are too tough or thick for secateurs.
  • 2X Gear Loaping Shears has long handles which provide extra leverage, making loaping shear, capable of cutting upto 30 mm.
  • 2X Gear Loaping Shears used for cutting stems upto 30 mm in diameter. Scissor type loapers cut closer than anvil type as it helps in clean accurate cut. 
Price: 1275/-

Falcon 2X Gear Loaping Shear How to Use Video:


Falcon Grafting Tool Slot Cut

Falcon Grafting Tool Slot Cut

Slot Cut Grafting Tool
Falcon Grafting Tool - Slot Cut
The Principle of Grafting is to join the grafting stock to the root stock of another and make them a single living unit. This new plant will have the fruiting and flowering ability of the grafting stock with the strength and growing qualities of the root stock. 

Where & When to Start: 
Grafting is carried out in spring season. Choose your grafting stock the stems you want to graft with new roots only from the shoots that have grown in the previous year.

Price: 925/-

IFFCO Protect Plus

IFFCO Urban Gardens Protect+ Neem Based Plant Protection

neem cake in ahmedabad
Protect Plus
IFFCO Urban Gardens Protect plus is a unique Product designed to Provide Protection to the Plants from Soil Borne pathogens, Nematodes & Fungus it is a tailor made product Which Contains Neem & Other Bio-Pesticides for Natural Crop Protection. This Product also acts as a Natural Soil Conditioner & Contains Organic Nutrients for the Plants. 

Benefits :
Natural Protection From Pests & Diseases.
Builds Plant Immunity
Helps in Systemic Release of Essential Nutrients.
Provides Resistance from Abiotic & Biotic Stress.
Safe for Earthworms, Bacteria & Other Beneficial Micro Organisms.
Ideal for Use in the Kitchen Garden & House Plants.

How to Apply :
  • For Potted Plants, Take 75 gms of Protect+ per 3 kg Soil.
  • Sprinkle & Mix With the Topsoil.
  • Use 25 to 40 gms of Protect+ After Every 10 to 12 Days.
  • Neem Cake, Seaweed, Beneficial Microbes & Additives.
  • 2 kg : 165/-
  • 5 kg : 330/-

IFFCO Magic Soil

IFFCO Urban Gardens Magic Soil - All Purpose Potting Soil

Potting Soil in Ahmedabad
Magic Soil 5 kg Bag
IFFCO Urban Gardens Magic Soil is a Premium Potting Soil for Urban Gardening, It Promotes Faster Root Growth And Foliage Leading to Healthy Plants. It is Rich In Bio-Available Marco and Micro Nutrients Such as Concentrated Nitrates, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium Etc.

Benefits :
  • Ready to Use Product
  • Customized Blend Suitable for All Plants.
  • Helps Plant Achieve Luxurious Growth.
Directions for Use :
  • Select a Pot With A Drain Hole And Fill it 3/4 With Magic Soil.
  • Plant Your Seeds or Seedlings into the Pot and Again Fill The Remaining Pot With Magic Soil.
  • Water Lightly And Watch The plant Growth.
  • Use 5 kg Magic Soil Per (12" Dia Pot) or Cover 5 Sq.Ft Area with 1/2 inch Depth.
Cocopeat, Organic Manure, Perlite, Seaweed, Beneficial Microbes & Additives.

Packing & Price :
  • 2 kg : 170/-
  • 5 kg : 315/-
  • 20 kg : 1012/-
IFFCO Urban Gardens Magic Soil 2 kg Potting Soil in Ahmedabad
                                                               Magic Soil 2 Kg Bag

IFFCO Magic Soil in Ahmedabad
Magic Soil 20 kg Bag

IFFCO Nutri Rich Vermicompost

IFFCO Nutri Rich Seaweed Fortified Vermicompost

We offers IFFCO Urban Gardens Seaweed fortified Vermicompost for All Types of Home Garden Plants, Vegetable Kitchen garden Use.

vermicompost in ahmedabad
Nutri Rich 5 kg Bag
NUTRI - RICH is a premium quality Vermicompost Manufactured at a State of the Art Facility With Patented Processes, Which Turns Cow Dung into Vermicompost Ensuring A Standardized Product With Global Quality Standards. It is An Active Biological Mixture of Bacteria, Enzymes and Also Rich in Bio-Available Plant Nutrients Such as Concentrated Nitrates, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium Etc. 

Benefits :
  • Improves Soil Aeration.
  • Enriches Soil With Microorganisms.
  • Increases Water Holding Capacity of the Soil.
  • Improves Soil Quality and Structure.
  • Helps Plant Achieve Good Luxurious Growth.
Application/ How to Use :
  • Make 1 inch Layer of Nutri - Rich over the soil in the pot and mix it well in the Soil.
  • 500 gm of Nutri Rich is Recommended for 3 kg of Soil.
Packing & Price :
  • 1 kg : 60/-
  • 2 Kg : 90/-
  • 5 kg : 250/-
  • 25 kg : 950/-