Cow Dung

Cow Dung Compost

cow dung manure in ahmedabad
Cow Dung
We offers Cow dung Compost in Powder foam for All Types of Garden Plants, Vegetable Kitchen garden, Indoor & outdoor Garden Plants, Lawns, Terrace garden, Bonsai Plants Use Supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We offers Desi cow dung compost enriched with Gaumutra & Jeevamrut. Composted Farm animals dung manure is used as a Organic manure from many decades in India & Other Countries in Traditional Farming. cow dung manure also used in huge quantities in Nurseries, Green House, Fruit Orchards, Vegetable Farming and by Home Gardeners due to its easy availability and Low Price Compare to other Fertilizers. it is used in gardening from day to day activities means it is used at Bed Preparation time, In Potting Mix, Plantation Time, Monthly Intervals in different quantities according to plants age, season, weather etc. it is known in gujarat "Chaniyu Khatar" & in Other States "Gobar khad". 

Packing & Price :
  • 1 kg : 20/-
  • 5 kg : 90/- 
  • 25 kg : 250/-
Gaumutra For Gardening & Agriculture Use 
  1. Gaumutra : 1 ltr : 50/-