Arty Rectangular Plastic Pot

Arty Rectangular Plastic Pot

We offers Arty Rectangular Plastic Pot for Indoor & Outdoor Garden Plants, Available with Hook Option & Table Top, Narrow Window Sills Plantation Use Available in Five Different Colour Mocca White, Mocca Green, Mocca blue, Mocca Yellow, Mocca Orange. Suitable for Home, Office, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Resort Garden Use. This Arty planter can also be used for Pot Cover of Small size Nursery Pots. Add Colours to your Garden with Arty Double Colour Planter.

Size & Price :

Size : 28 cm Length, 14 cm Width, 14 cm Height.

Price : 

  • Arty Pot Only : 180/-
  • Pot With Hanging Hook : 210/- 

Arty Rectangular Pot with Hook