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Natural Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer/Manure

vermicompost fertilizer in ahmedabad
Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer
We Offers Organic Vermicompost Fertilizer in Ahmedabad for Home, Farmhouse, Fruit Orchards, Corporate Gardens, Golf Courses, Lawns, Nursery Plant Propagation, Greenhouse (Net house), Vegetable Kitchen Garden and Other Agriculture, Floriculture, Horticulture Use. Vermicompost Fertilizer is 7 times more powerful than cow dung and cost effective too. 

Vermicompost is also used in Horticulture Crops like Pomegranate, Mango, Coconut, Guava, Custard apple, Sapota (chickoo), Lemon, Orange, Papaya and other fruit plants.

Packing :
  • 1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg
Products :
  • Vermicompost Fertilizer 
  • Vermiwash (Organic Liquid Fertilizer)
  • Jeevandhara Power Plus - Seaweed based Bio fertilizer  
  • Jeevandhara Power Plus - Seaweed Liquid fertilizer 
  • Jeevandhara for Flowering (spray) Liquid
  • Hum Care - For Fast rooting plant cutting propogation, seed treatment use.
  • G5 Granules - Bio Organic Granules Contains Sea weed, Amino Acids, Humic Acids, Herbal Extracts, Neem Herbal  extracts. 
"This Vermicompost fertilizer Prepared from only Cow Dung and Help of Earth Worms."

Benefits :
  • It Makes the Soil Lively, and does not harm the Soil.
  • In Vermicompost there are no chemical or detergent.
  • No insects in Vermi Compost.
  • In Vermicompost has no smell or foul smell. (it is completely decayed.)
  • It Looks like tea granules and easy to use
  • No Occurrence of termite.
  • Weed and Waste free.
  • 100% Vermicompost, Soil free.
Application :
  • 100 gm to 200 gm for small pots, 250 gm to 500 gm for big container
  • In planted bed for each plant 400 gm to 500 gm for big plants 1 to 2 kg.
  • For fruit bearing plants 5 to 10 kg.
  • For Lawns 1 to 2 kg per square. meter.
  • Give above application in 4 to 6 times in a year.
Herbal Product:

seaweed fertilizer in ahmedabad
Jeevandhara Power Plus

seaweed bio fertilizer in india
Jeevandhara Power Plus 5 Kg

Packing : 1 kg, 5 kg, 50 Kg (for Big Gardens)

Jeevandhara Bio-fertilizer Increases :
  • Rate of seed germination
  • Cell size growth & enhanced rate of cell multiplication
  • General plant growth
  • Leaf and Fruit size growth
  • Resistance to disease
  • High Yield
Application :

In Fruit Plants - Vegetables: Give Approx 4 to 5 Kg in 1 Bigha (1621 square metres) before Sawing Seeds, Then after at the time of flowering give 2 kg or 20 gm per plant.

In Lawns: 10 x 10 Meter Bed 1 to 2 Kg Once Every Month.

Garden Plants Bed or Pot: 1 to 2 teaspoon per plant Once in 20 days (Dig Up-down Soil and Apply Near Root) Or at the Time of Planting the Plant Mix 50 gm with Soil.

You Can use Jeevandhara Bio Fertilizer in Garden Plants, Lawns, Hanging Basket, Garden Pots, Flower Plants, Fruit Plants, Kitchen Garden, Floriculture, Horticulture Use.
Jeevandhara Power Plus (Spray) : 
organic plant growth promoter
Packing: 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml
bio organic liquid fertilizer ahmedabad
Bio-Organic Liquid fertilizer

G5 Granules - Bio Organic Granules

G5 granules

Dosage :
  • Min 50 gm Per plant. G5 Granules per plant for flowering ornamental, vegetable kitchen garden.
  • 100 gm - 200 gm per Plant - In  Fruit Plants
  • 500 gm per 1000 sq ft - In Lawns.
  • 1 Kg - For One Seedling bed.
  • 8 - 16 kg - Per Acre.
Application : Apply near roots by making ring method seperately or along with other fertilizers & manures. water the plant after G5 Granule usage.

G5 Benefits :
  • Accelerates vegetative & reproductive growth of crop giving higher yields.
  • Healthy all round growth & enhancement of crop quality.
  • Accelerates germination, seedling vigour & root growth.
  • Strengthens tolerance to diseases by avoiding attack of insects & pests.
  • Helps sterile soil & root zone by killing harmful fungi which further cause root rot.

Packing: 25 gm Sachet, 1 kg. 2 Kg (Jar)

G5 Liquid : 
G5 Foliar Bio Organic liquid extract for Home Garden, Kitchen Garden, Terrace Garden, Indoor & Outdoor Decorative & Flower Plants use.

Contains 5 Elements in 1 like Seaweed extract, humic acid, amino acid, herbal extract, root rot preventor.

Packing : 100 ml, 250 ml

seaweed liquid manure

Bio Green :

Biogreen is formulated as a Plant Tonic for overall healthy growth of your plants.

Biogreen is a natural plant vitalizer containing plant origins in the form of sea weed extract & Protein Hydrolysate.


Give spray at regular interval at pre-flowering and post flowering stages.

Dosage: 2ml Biogreen Per liter of Water.
Comes with a Liquid Measurement Cup.

Biogreen Plant tonic
BioGreen - Plant Tonic
Garden Green : 

Garden Green Bio Organic Manure
Garden Green - Press Mud based bio compost

Product details :
Garden Green Press mud based Bio Organic manure for Indoor & Outdoor, Fruit, Flower & Vegetable Plants Use.

Dosage :
Flowering Plants, Rose etc.   : 100 to 150 gm per plant once in 30 days.
Indoor & Outdoor Plants       : 150 to 200 gm per plant once in 30 days.
Kitchen garden                      : 100 to 200 gm per plant once in 30 days.
Bonsai & Ornamental Plants : 50 to 100 gm per plant once in 30 days.
For Lawns                              : Use 50 Kg per acre once in 3 months.
For Horticulture Plants          : 3 to 5 kg per Plant Once in 3 months.
For Potting Mixture               : Use soil + Garden Green in ration of 30:1 

Packing: 1 Kg.

Runny - Magic Bloom Promoter : 

Use 'Runny' for overall healthy growth of plants with more foliage. it also promotes flowering in plants & keep them green all year long. 'Run the magic liquid' of 'Runny' by ring method around stem near roots once in 8 to 10 days Water the plants after using 'Runny'.

Usage: 'Run the Magic Liquid' of 'Runny' once (which accounts to approximately 5 to 10 ml) in 8 to 10 days.

Packing: 200 ml

Runny Flower bloom promoter liquid
Runny - Mabgic Bloom Promoter