Bokashi Kitchen Waste Decomposer

IFFCO Urban Gardens Bokashi - Kitchen Waste Decomposer

Organic Gardeners don't throw their garbage. Add to your kitchen waste to convert in into useful compost and provide nutrition to the plants. 

Bokashi is Made using rice bran and mixed with a group of highest quality bacterial cultures that is teeming with billions of live microbes. Ready to Ferment and compost your food scraps. Bokashi is used as a compost accelerator and odour control amendment yielding organic fertilizer. 

Benefits of Bokashi :

Turns your Kitchen Waste into Superfood for your Garden, Lawn, or Home Plants. Controls Foul Odour. Produces Organic fertilizer from Kitchen Waste.

Directions for Use :

  • Add food Waste into Bokashi Bin After Placing the Sieve inside and Press the Waste down tightly and cover the lid.
  • Sprinkle Bokashi on the waste ensuring complete coverage and press down again.
  • Repeat above process whenever making a new layer of food waste.
  • Keep full compost bin aside for 4 Weeks and drain the liquid accumulated at the bottom of the Bokashi bin every 3 to 4 days.
  • Dilute this liquid with water in 1:100 and use as foliar spray on plants for better growth.
  • Create a small layer of soil/cocopeat in a pot and add few inches of fermented compost and repeat cycle till pot is full. Leave aside for 2 weeks.
  • Plant in Bokashi Enriched soil, for green & healthier plants. 
Precautions :
  • Close the Bokashi Packet after ever use.
  • Don't add liquids, Plastic and Bones to compost.
  • Keep in Cool & Dry Place.
  • Keep out of Reach of Children.
  • Presence of Beneficial Microbes may cause the packet to inflate, Pierce with pin and use after 24 hours.
PRICE: 120/-

Falcon 2X Gear Pro By Pass Loaper


Falcon 2X Gear Pro By Pass Loaper
Falcon Premium 2X Gear Pro By Pass Loaper with Stainless Steel Blades, Light Weight & Less effort professional loaper for cutting thick and hard branches of shrubs & trees. 

  • Cutting Capacity: 36 mm.

Key Features :

  • Light Weight & Less effort.
  • Cutting thick & hard branches. 

PRICE : 2590/-

2 inch plastic pots

2 Inch Nursery Plastic Pots for Succulents, Seedling Use.

succulent pots in Ahmedabad
2" (inch) Plastic Pot
We offers 2" plastic pots for Nursery Use like succulents, seed germination, seedlings growing use of different types of fruit, flower, vegetables seeds and succulent plants.

Size: Top dia 2.16" (55 mm) x Height 2" x bottom 1.77".

M.O.Q.: = 1,000 Pcs.

Falcon Fruit Flower Scissors

Falcon Fruit / Flower Scissors

We offers Falcon Fruit/ Flower Scissors Supplier / Dealer in Ahmedabad.

Falcon Thinning Scissor
Falcon Thinning Scissor FTS-808
Falcon Thinning Scissor
Falcon Thinning Scissor FTS-808
Model: FTS-808
Useful & Handy for grape thinning scissor.
Price: 230/-

Falcon Bonsai Cutter
Falcon Bonsai Cutter FBT-60
Bonsai Cutter in Ahmedabad
Falcon Bonsai Cutter

Model: FBT-60
Price: 535/-
Size: 175 mm
Use: Designed to Cut stems and roots of Bonsai Plants.

Falcon Pruning Secateurs

Falcon Pruning Secateurs

We offers Different Types of Falcon Pruning Secateurs Branch Cutting tool for Home Gardening, Horticulture & Agricultural Use in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Pruning Hints :

  • Remove dead and diseased growth.
  • Cut out lateral growth which outerfaces with leader growth.
  • When Pruning out large branches, try to cut them flush with the trunk then protect the wound with a sealing compound.
  • When pruning branches, cut 6-13mm above buds, slope cut at 45° angle back from the bud.

After use always clean your pruner. Periodic light oiling will keep it bright and easy to use.

falcon pruning secateur
Falcon Pruning Secateur Economy M-2
Falcon Economy M2
Falcon Economy MC Secateur
Specification :
Model: Economy M2
Cutting Capacity: Upto 12 mm branch
Price: 355/-
Falcon Pruning Secateur

Falcon Pruning Secateur Super
Garden Branch Cutting tools
Falcon Super Secateur
Model: Super
Size: 200 mm
Maximum Cutting Capacity: 12 mm
Price: 415/-
Use: Ideal for live or soft branches, producing a clean and accurate cut.
falcon by pass secateur
Falcon Major Pruning Secateur
By Pass Pruning Secateur
Falcon Pruning Secateur Major
Model : Major 
Size: 225 mm
Cutting Capacity: 12 to 14 mm
Price: 580/-
Use: Ideal for live or soft branches producing a clean and accurate cut, Mostly used by professional gardeners and horticulturists. 

Falcon Pruning Anvil Secateur

Falcon Professional Pruning Secateur

Falcon Garden Tools
Falcon Professional Secateur

Model: Professional
Size: 225 mm
Price: 535/-
Use: Ideal for live or soft branches, Producing a clean and accurate cut.

Falcon by pass Secateur
Falcon Finecut Secateur
Falcon Finecut Secateur
Falcon Finecut Secateur

Specification :
Model: Finecut
Size: 200 mm
Cutting capacity : 12 to 14 mm
Price: 480/-
Use: Ideal for live or soft branches, producing a clean and accurate cut.