IFFCO Tulsi Grow

IFFCO Urban Gardens Tulsi Grow

tulsi growing soilIFFCO Urban Gardens Tulsi Grow - Tulsi Growing Soil, Tulsi Grow is an Ideal Growing Soil for The Sacred Tulsi Plant. It is a Unique Formulation of Natural Ingredients Free From Animal Excreta. Which Provides A Perfect Medium for The Plant To Thrive. The Soil Provides Balanced Feeding to Promote Stronger. Healthier Growth And Greener Foliage. Tulsi Grow is From Plant Origin And Gives The Plant More Vigor And Provides Resistance Against Stress and Pathogenic Attack.

Benefits :

  • Slowly Releases Nutrients to Optimize Growth.
  • Provides Immunity From Pests.
  • Increases Nutrient Uptake.
  • Improves Flowering.
  • 100% Vegetarian Product Made From Plant Base.
How to Use :

  • Fill the Pot With Tulsi Grow
  • Tulsi Seeds Should be Sown at a Depth Twice of its Diameter.
  • For Existing Tulsi Plants, Ensure Complete Root Ball Coverage at the Time of Transplanting and Make Sure That the Stem is Not Immersed in The Soil.
Composition : Cocopeat, Neem Cake, Perlite, Vermiculite, Beneficial Microbes & Additives.

Packing : 3 Kg

Price: 250/-

IFFCO Magic Soil

IFFCO Urban Gardens Magic Soil - All Purpose Potting Soil

Potting Soil in Ahmedabad
Magic Soil
IFFCO Urban Gardens Magic Soil is a Premium Potting Soil for Urban Gardening, It Promotes Faster Root Growth And Foliage Leading to Healthy Plants. It is Rich In Bio-Available Marco and Micro Nutrients Such as Concentrated Nitrates, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium Etc.

Benefits :
  • Ready to Use Product
  • Customised Blend Suitable for All Plants.
  • Helps Plant Achieve Luxurious Growth.
Directions for Use :
  • Select a Pot With A Drain Hole And Fill it 3/4 With Magic Soil.
  • Plant Your Seeds or Seedlings into the Pot and Again Fill The Remaining Pot With Magic Soil.
  • Water Lightly And Watch The plant Growth.
  • Use 5 kg Magic Soil Per (12" Dia Pot) or Cover 5 Sq.Ft Area with 1/2 inch Depth.
Cocopeat, Organic Manure, Neem Cake, Vermiculite, Perlite, Seaweed, Beneficial Microbes & Additives.

Packing & Price :
5 kg : 250/-
20 kg : 880/-

IFFCO Nutri Rich Vermicompost

IFFCO Nutri Rich Seaweed Fortified Vermicompost

We offers IFFCO Urban Gardens Seaweed fortified Vermicompost for All Types of Home Garden Plants, Vegetable Kitchen garden Use.

vermicompost in ahmedabad
Nutri Rich
NUTRI - RICH is a premium quality Vermicompost Manufactured at a State of the Art Facility With Patented Processes, Which Turns Cow Dung into Vermicompost Ensuring A Standardized Product With Global Quality Standards. It is An Active Biological Mixture of Bacteria, Enzymes and Also Rich in Bio-Available Plant Nutrients Such as Concentrated Nitrates, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium Etc. 

Benefits :
  • Improves Soil Aeration.
  • Enriches Soil With Microorganisms.
  • Increases Water Holding Capacity of the Soil.
  • Improves Soil Quality and Structure.
  • Helps Plant Achieve Good Luxurious Growth.
Application/ How to Use :

  • Make 1 inch Layer of Nutri - Rich over the soil in the pot and mix it well in the Soil.
  • 500 gm of Nutri Rich is Recommended for 3 kg of Soil.

Packing & Price :

  • 5 kg : 150/-
  • 25 kg : 675/-

Cow Dung

Cow Dung Compost

cow dung manure in ahmedabad
Cow Dung
We offers Cow dung Compost in Powder foam for All Types of Garden Plants, Vegetable Kitchen garden, Indoor & outdoor Garden Plants, Lawns, Terrace garden, Bonsai Plants Use Supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We offers Desi cow dung compost enriched with Gaumutra & Jeevamrut. Composted Farm animals dung manure is used as a Organic manure from many decades in India & Other Countries in Traditional Farming. cow dung manure also used in huge quantities in Nurseries, Green House, Fruit Orchards, Vegetable Farming and by Home Gardeners due to its easy availability and Low Price Compare to other Fertilizers. it is used in gardening from day to day activities means it is used at Bed Preparation time, In Potting Mix, Plantation Time, Monthly Intervals in different quantities according to plants age, season, weather etc. it is known in gujarat "Chaniyu Khatar" & in Other States "Gobar khad" and in English "FYM - Farm Yard Manure". 

Packing & Price :
  • 1 kg: 20/-
  • 5 kg: 80/-
  • 25 kg: 200/-

Mustard Cake

Mustard Cake / Sarso Khali Organic Manure

mustard cake in ahmedabad
We offers Mustard cake Used for Organic fertilizer for Vegetable Kitchen gardening, Flowering Plants, Fruit Plants it is very rich in Protein, it provides many micro nutrients to the plants. 

Packing: 1 kg
Price: 60/- Including tax.