Sprayer pump

Sprayer pump for Gardening

We offers Sprayer pump for Spraying Liquid fertilizer and pesticides on the Garden plants and Showering Indoor - Outdoor plants to keep them fresh and insects free.

hand sprayer pump
Sprayer Pump

sprayer pump for garden
Hand Sprayer pump 1.5 Liter

Specification :
Made from High quality pet plastic
Sprayer nozzle Copper Material
Capacity: 1.5 Ltr.
Colour: Red, Blue, Green
Spares: Extra Maintenance Accessories.

Mini Thermal Fogging Machine : Fogging machine for Mosquito control
Chemical tank : 2.5 liter
Fuel butane particle (microns) 5-30
Weight: 1.4 Kg 

5 Liter Sprayer Pump
8 Liter Sprayer Pump