Organic Insecticide

Organic Insecticide to Control Pests and Insects from Garden Plants.

Products :
  • IFFCO Doctor Neem+ - Neem Oil - Organic Pest Repellent - 50ml, 200ml, 500ml
    • Used to protect plants from sucking pests such as Mealybugs, Aphids, Mites, etc.
  • IFFCO Doctor Earth - For Soil Borne Disease - 50ml, 200ml
    • Used to protect plants from soil-borne disease such as Wilt, White Mold, Root Rot etc.
  • IFFCO Doctor Green - For Plant & Stem Borne Disease - 50ml, 200ml 
    • Used to protect plants from fungus and bacteria that attack leaves and stems, such as Powdery Mildew, Leaf/Fruit Spot, Mosaic Virus etc.
  • Controls-All - Ready to Use. - 500ml
    • Contols All kills & control Aphid, Mites, Thrips white fly and also control Mildew, Rust, Blight & Leaf spots.
  • Bio-Termicare - For Termite. - 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 Ltr.
  • Milikill - Ready to Use - For Mealy Bugs. - 500ml
    • Herbal formulation which controls Mealy Bugs on flowering & fruiting plants.
  • 3nash - Granules - 1 kg
    • Effective against Root Rot, Nematodes and Termites on Horticulture Crops, Vegetables and Cash crops.
  • 3nash Liquid - 100ml - For Root rot, Nematode, Termite.
  • Gaumutra - 1 ltr. - Used for Natural Insecticide & Growth Promoter in Gardening & Agriculture.
  • Milikill  :
  • Very Concentrated plant extract of Red chili. Milikil effectually kill mealy bugs as soon as it comes with its contact. The Herbal Extract existing in Milikil dissolves white and waxy coating of mealy bug and then they completely destroy it. 
  • it essential be used with plant shampoo. 
  • A preventive spray as soon as Mealy Bugs are spotted is recommended. 
  • Generally Mealy bugs are seen on fruit plants and seen on Hibiscus (Jaswant) also.
  • Application : Once in a Week spray on the full plant and also on the steam and soil.

  • Controls - All : Herbal Formulation Which Controls Insect Fungal diseases & mites.
  • Dosage : Spray as soon as insect & fungus spotted on the plant. Repeat Spray on 8 to 10 Days. 
  • It contains Cinnamon oil, Black pepper oil , Turmeric extract , Calotropis & white Aloe. Controls All kills & control Aphid, Mites, Thrips white fly and also control Mildew, Rust, Blight & Leaf spots. 
  • Packing : 500ml 
  • 3nash Granules : 
    3nash is unique researched product effective against Root Rot, Nematodes and Termites on 
  • Horticulture Crops - Pomegranate, grapes, Apple, Mango, Citrus, Banana etc.
  • Vegetables - Tomato, Brinjal, Capsicum, Chilies, etc.
Dosage : 
(a) Use 3 to 5 gm per plant in nursery bed before re-plantation.
(b) Use 25 gm per plant after plantation.

Method of Usage :
Preventive Use - Apply separately with soil or sand after 3-4 days after plantation of sapling/ sowing or with 1st fertilizer dose by ring method near roots. Repeat after 15 days for minimum two times.

Curative Use : Apply as soon as primary symptoms (2-3%) of Root Rot / Nematodes Termites are noticed by mixing with soil or sand. Repeat 2/3 times after 15 days interval.  

Usefulness :
Anti fungal :-
1) Kills harmful bacteria which forms fungi such as Fugerium & Pitheum. 
2) Kills fungi by altering protein synthesis.
1) Kills Nematodes by fumigation & contact.
1) Kills Termite by contact and ingestion by affecting central nervous system.
Packing: 1 kg 
Price: 184/-