Rootstar For Rooting & Germination

For Rooting & Germination


Rootstar For Rooting & Germination

Rootstar contains ‘Humus’ which brings profuse root formation. This enhances plant growth in initial stages. it also helps for seed germination. Root development aids in good foliage. This makes the soil porous and create aeration. This helps the increase water holding capacity of soil. Flowering and overall healthy growth of plants.

Dosage :

For Spray : 2 ml per liter water. Spray during high growth of reproductive stages of plants.

For Drenching :  5 ml liter water. Dilute in Water & Apply near roots for root development during at initial growing stages of plants.

Contains : Humic acid and Seaweed extract.

Application : Drench or spray on the plant 30 to 45 days internal Drench at the time of planting / germination.

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