G5 Foliar

Bio Organic Liquid Extract


G5 Foliar – Spray – Bio Organic Liquid Extract

G5 Foliar Bio Organic liquid extract for Home Garden, Kitchen Garden, Terrace Garden, Indoor & Outdoor Decorative & Flower Plants use.

G5 Foliar contains 5 essential constituents required for growth as well as protection of crops. Since 5 different constituents are available in liquid form they are easily absorbed by the plants.

Contents :

  • Amino acid : 2.5% w/v
  • Humic acid : 2.5% w/v
  • Root rot preventor : 2.5% v/v
  • Seaweed extract : Q.S. v/v

Benefits :

  • Healthy all round growth & enhancement of crop quality.
  • Accelerates vegetative & reproductive growth of crop giving higher yields.
  • Accelerates germination, seedling, vigour & root growth.
  • Strengthens tolerance to diseases by avoiding attack of insects & pests.
  • Helps sterile soil & root zone by preventing attack of harmful fungi which further causes root rot.

Dosage : 2-3 ml G5 Foliar per liter of water. For foliar spray make spray on early morning or late evening for better results. you can use also drenching in the soil also.

Note :

  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Use of this product is beyond the control of manufacture. Hence it assumes no liability related to it’s usage.

Packing :

  • 100ml – 144/-
  • 250ml – 315/-
  • 500ml – 575/-
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