Garden Green Bio Organic Manure

Bio Organic Manure


Garden Green is highly nutritional Organic manure derived form several agriculture waste such as Leaves, Mushrooms, Humus and processed with useful bacterial cultures. it is further enriched with useful soil micro flora. it makes soil porous and also increases water holding capacity in the pot. Garden Green Bio Organic Manure.

Use: Enriches soil and organic matter gives healthy growth.

Dosage :

Flowering plant, Roses etc : 100 – 150 gm per plant once in 30 days.

Outdoor and Indoor Plant : 150-200 gm per plant once in 30 days.

Kitchen Garden : 100 – 200 gm per plant once in 30 days.

Bonsai and Ornamental Plants : 50 – 100 gm per plant once in 30 days.

Lawns : Use 50 kg per acre once in 3 months.

Horticultural Plants : 3.5 Kg per Plant once in 3 months.

Potting Mixture : Use Soil + Garden Green in ratio of 3:1.

Packing :

  • 1 kg




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