G5 Granules

Bio Organic Granules


G5 Granules – Bio Organic Soil Enricher Granules

G5 Granule is wonder product containing five contents. it has a multi-activity of giving lush green growth, profuse root growth and protection from root rot and insects.

G5 also increases flowering and fruit formation.

G5 Contains five different constitutes :

  • Sea weed extract brings overall growth of plant due to plant cell division.
  • Blend of vital amino acids gives healthy and vigorous growth with increased number of flowers and fruits.
  • Humic acid gives profuse growth of white roots.
  • Pest repellent herbal extracts protects plants from sucking pests.
  • Anti root rot substances makes soil sterile and prevents harmful fungi such as Fugerium and Pithium.

G5 Granules Contains :

  • Seaweed Extract : 4.5 %,
  • Amino Acid Blend :  2.5%,
  • Humic Acid : 2.5%,
  • Herbal Extracts :  2.5%,
  • Root Rot Preventor : 2.5%,
    Bentonite Granules to make 100%

Dosage :

  • Min 50 gm Per plant. G5 Granules per plant for flowering ornamental, vegetable kitchen garden.
  • 100 gm – 200 gm per Plant – In Fruit Plants
  • 500 gm per 1000 sq ft – In Lawns.
  • 1 Kg – For One Seedling bed.
  • 8 – 16 kg – Per Acre.

Application :

  • Once in 30 days. Mix in the top soil or near the roots by making ring method Seperately or along with other fertilizers & manures. water the plant after G5 Granule usage.

G5 Benefits :

  • Accelerates vegetative & reproductive growth of crop giving higher yields.
  • Healthy all round growth & enhancement of crop quality.
  • Accelerates germination, seedling vigour & root growth.
  • Strengthens tolerance to diseases by avoiding attack of insects & pests.
  • Helps sterile soil & root zone by killing harmful fungi which further cause root rot.

Contents : Seaweed extract, Amino Acid, Humic acid, Herbal Extract, Anti Root Rot Substances.

Packing : 25 gm Sachet, 500 gm Pouch, 500gm Applicator, 1 kg, 2 Kg Jar, 4 Kg Bag, 8 kg Bag


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