Toprose rose plant food

The Rose Plant food that tops all


Toprose The Rose Plant food that Tops all

Roses are heavy feeders. They require continuous nourishment if they are to maintain peak performance. Regular use of Toprose ensures more and beautiful roses for a healthier, stronger plant.

Application In Pots :

  • Apply one tablespoon every week. around the plant and away from the main stem as shown in the diagram below.
  • For plants in ground, double the dosage, water immediately after applying Toprose.

Note :

  • Reduce the dose in May & October when the temperature are high. For newly planted roses, do not apply for the first one month. This Manure is for Home & Gardening Use.

Contains :

  • Amino Acid Blend 25%
  • Humic Acid 25%
  • Farm Yard Manure 25%
  • Neem Cake 5%
  • Oil Mixtures 10%
  • Fillers 10%

Packing :

  • 500gm
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