Gypsum Meal

Organic Nutrient Supplement Calcium & Sulphur


IFFCO Urban Garden Gypsum Meal (Gypsum Powder)

IFFCO Urban Gardens Gypsum Meal is a Natural and Organic fertilizer and Soil Conditioner, containing high levels of organic calcium and Sulphur, Deficiency of these Secondary Nutrients can cause Discoloured Patches, Shedding and Dead Buds, Weak Stems, Burnt tips, and Slow Growth Rate. Gypsum meal also acts as a Soil Conditioner by loosening soils and improving its overall structure, leading to improved drainage and aeration.


  • Organic Source of Calcium and Sulphur.
  • Natural Soil Conditioner
  • Enhances soil drainage & Aeration
  • pH Neutral


  • Add 25-30 gm for small plants, 60-80gm for large plants and 100gm per Square Meter in Garden Soil, and Mix well.
  • Repeat every 6-8 weeks for better results.
  • Overuse can be harmful.


Gypsum Powder


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