Expanded Vermiculite

Expanded Vermiculite


We offers Horticulture Grade Expanded Vermiculite for Garden Plants, Potting Mixture, Seed Germination, Hanging Basket, Kitchen Garden, Terrace Garden, Horticulture, Agriculture, Greenhouse, Floriculture, Hydroponics, Soilless farming Use.

Grade : Horticulture Grade Expanded Vermiculite.

Usage Areas :

  • Long Term plantations of Fruits, Tea, Coffee, Teak, Sevan, Eucalyptus etc.
  • Short Term Plantations of Vegetables, Fruits, Tobacco, Cotton, Spices etc.
  • Green Houses
  • Tissue Culture
  • Indoor Plantations
  • Garden Plants & Lawns
  • Gold Courses and Playing Grounds
  • Hydroponics – Soil Less Cultivation

Directions for Use

  • Vermiculite is not recommended for use as a fertilizer substitute

As a Soil Conditioner :

  • To Improve aeration, drainage and moisture retention, mix 10% to 25% Vermiculite with top soil. Use for Lawns, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, potted plants, bulbs, planters. etc.

For Potting Soil :

  • Mix 10% to 50% Vermiculite with top soil and fertilizers.

For Seed Germination :

  • Mix 10% to 50% Vermiculite with soil and fertilizers.

Benefits :

  • Better Speed Dispersion. Minute seeds mixed with Vermiculite can disperse very well.
  • Increases the possibility of maximum germination of the costly Hybrid seeds. Thus more number of seedlings from a unit seed pack.
  • Speedy and healthy growth of seedlings.
  • Seedlings can be removed for transplantation without damage to their delicate roots.
  • Increases soil Drainage which helps discourage diseases and damage from overwatering.
  • Helps plant roots breathe better. Air cultivaiton is vital to root growth and overall plant health.
  • Helps to retain Fertilizers into its structure and release as and when required by the plant.
  • Helps soil and Hold moisture longer between waterings so your plants don’t dry out as quickly.
  • Dry, compacted soil may cause root damage and stunt plant growth.
  • Insulates the roots from extreme heat and cold and thus ensures better plant development.
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