Falcon Budding Grafting Knife FBGK-60


We offers Export Quality Falcon Budding Grafting Knife FBGK-60

Falcon Grafting Knife fbgk-60

Grafting Hints :

  • Trim scion to a length of 15-25 cutting just above the pair of buds with the help of knife 2.5 cm downward. Place in a plastic & refrigerate until ready to graft.
  • Starting near the top of the stock make a sloping, slightly inward cut down to meet the inner point of the first cut. Remove silver of wood finally cut the stock by slicing straight up with knife from the first cut below. This leaves a flat cut on one side of the stock.
  • Now, prepare the scion make a shallow, sloping cut 2.5 cm long down to the base; then make a short, angled cut at the base on the opposite side.
  • Fit the scion into the cut in the rootstock, Starting at the top, wrap a length of grafting tape round the union to secure it.
  • A few weeks later, if the graft has taken, the buds of the scion will show signs of growth.
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