Bokashi – Liquid Consortia

Bokashi Kitchen Waste Decomposer


Bokashi (Liquid Consortia) is a Bio Decomposer consisting of natural consortia of seven fungal strains for speedy decomposition of biodegradable waste.

Bokashi kitchen waste decomposer

Benefits :

  • Turns Waste into High Quality Compost
  • Odourless and Easy Decomposting
  • Healthy Fungai Strains in Compost that Control Soil Borne Diseases.

Directions for Use :

  • Mix 10ml of Bokashi (Liquid) with 1 Ltr of water and pour the solution evenly on 10 kg of organic waste in a composting bucket.
  • Sprinkle water if too dry / add Paper if too wet, to maintain moisture.
  • Turn over the waste heap every 4-5 days to avoi accumulation of heat.
  • After 5-6 weeks, your nutrient rich compost will be ready. Mix with soil and put your plants for a lush urban garden.
  • Drain liquid at the bottom of the bucket and spray on plants as nourishment solution.

PACKING : 200 ml

PRICE : 100/-

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