Iffco Urban Gardens Potash Meal

IFFCO Urban Gardens Potash Meal

Organic Nutrient Supplement

organic potash meal
IFFCO Urban Gardens Potash Meal is a natural and organic fertilizer. made by processing agriculture waste. to achieve high level of organic available Potassium, which is essential for all round Plant health. Potassium helps in activation of over 80 enzymes throughout the plant. regulates water and nutrients in the plant tissues, assists in photosynthesis as well as increases resistance against extreme cold and hot temperatures, drought and pests. Potash meal is a slow release fertilizer and is thus a great option for plants that require a steady supply of Potash over an extended period. 

Benefits :

  • Organic Source of Potash
  • Slow Release Plant Food.
  • Improves Plant Health.
  • Activates Nutrient Movement.
  • Increases Resistance against extreme temperatures, drought and pests.

 Directions of Use :

  • Add 15-20gm for small plants, and 40-50gm for large plants.
  • Sprinkle on top soil and mix well
  • Water the soil
  • Repeat every 3-4 weeks for best results.
  • Overuse can be harmful. 
Composition : Organic Potash
Packing : 900gm
Price : 150/-