Spanco Grafting Tools

We offers Spanco two models of Grafting Tools, SPFT-2005 and SPFT-2006. These Grafting Tools are Specially designed for professional use. These are easy to operate and result in accurate grafts without causing any damage to the stems.  

SPGT-2005 :

- Grafting Pruning dual purpose
- Three types of grafting V cut, U cut, Ω cut
- One piece blade can be used on both sides, so total 6 blades
- Net weight : 300grams
- Price : 770/- 

SPGT-2006 :

- Grafting Tool comes with V blade only
- Grafting interfaces into 2 cms to enhance the survival rate
- Light & Solid aluminum alloy body
- High carbon steel sharp blades for smooth grafting
- Net weight: 500 grams.
- Price : 2520/-