IFFCO Protect Plus

IFFCO Urban Gardens Protect+ Neem Based Plant Protection

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Protect Plus
IFFCO Urban Gardens Protect plus is a unique Product designed to Provide Protection to the Plants from Soil Borne pathogens, Nematodes & Fungus it is a tailor made product Which Contains Neem & Other Bio-Pesticides for Natural Crop Protection. This Product also acts as a Natural Soil Conditioner & Contains Organic Nutrients for the Plants. 

Benefits :
Natural Protection From Pests & Diseases.
Builds Plant Immunity
Helps in Systemic Release of Essential Nutrients.
Provides Resistance from Abiotic & Biotic Stress.
Safe for Earthworms, Bacteria & Other Beneficial Micro Organisms.
Ideal for Use in the Kitchen Garden & House Plants.

How to Apply :
  • For Potted Plants, Take 75 gms of Protect+ per 3 kg Soil.
  • Sprinkle & Mix With the Topsoil.
  • Use 25 to 40 gms of Protect+ After Every 10 to 12 Days.
  • Neem Cake, Seaweed, Beneficial Microbes & Additives.
  • 2 kg : 165/-
  • 5 kg : 330/-