Falcon 2X Gear Loaping Shear

Falcon Premium 2X GEAR Loaping Shear

Falcon 2x gear loaperWe offers Falcon Premium 2x Gear By pass Loaper  (with carbon steel blades) Light weight & less effort Professional loaper for cutting thick and hard branches.

Key Features:
  • Cutting Capacity 30 mm
  • Auto Gear Action
  • Light Weight Handle
  • Extra Wide Opening
  • Long Handle 2X Gears: Using long handle 2X Gear makes it possible to prune stems that are high up or that are too tough or thick for secateurs.
  • 2X Gear Loaping Shears has long handles which provide extra leverage, making loaping shear, capable of cutting upto 30 mm.
  • 2X Gear Loaping Shears used for cutting stems upto 30 mm in diameter. Scissor type loapers cut closer than anvil type as it helps in clean accurate cut. 
Price: 1275/-

Falcon 2X Gear Loaping Shear How to Use Video: