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Cycas Revoluta - Sago Palm
About Cycas Revoluta: This plants temperament power is excellent it can grows with less maintenance, less water required, Gives bigger leaves crown once or twice in a year. its prize depends on Age and Size of Clumps/stump.

Water Requirement:  Cycus palm plant needs less waters. and in winters it needs to give water once in a week or longer times due to cold. in summer it needs waters once after two days. 

Fertilizers: It needs Fertilizers like cow dung, or bio fertilizers, or garden mix which can easily available to nearest garden shop.

Soil : It needs sandy soil means the soils which can not logged too much water in it.

Coconut Palm - Naryeli - ( 2yrs Old Ready Plants) 
Coconut Palm - Naryeli - it can often grown in the south indian specially in kerala and andhra pradesh near to sea areas. in gujarat its farming can be done in Mangrol, Dwarka, Una and Veraval.

Variety: Coconut palm having available in varieties like Desi, Dwarf, and Golden(orange), hybrid varieties can bearing fruits after 5 yrs and in some times earlier depends upon the soil and care.

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